Glass to glass hinges

Adjustable self closing  (RG-932, RG-942)

Hinges are suitable for 8 – 13 mm thick glass

Maximum loading: 50 kg /pair.

Available finishes: polished chrome, stainless steel look, dull chrome

Non-Adjustable hinges (RG-987, RG-922, SDH-402-180, SDH-1002-180, 001-NO-GL Misura, SDH-102-90, SDH-1002-135 )2-180, SDH-1002-180, 001-NO-GL Misura, SDH-102-90, SDH-1002-135 )

Available finishes: Polished chrome, stainless steel look, satin nickel polished

All these hinges are on display at our showroom on Kadaka tee 4, come and see for yourself.



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