Insulated glass

Insulated glass is used in windows, doors and facades to thermally separate two spaces. Thermal and sound insulation efficiency depend on the correct selection of insulated glass.

Insulated glass is made of two or more panes of glass which are hermetically joined with a spacer. On request, argon gas can be pumped between the glass panes to further increase its insulating properties.

An adhesive sealant -polyisobutylene is applied to the face of the spacer on each side and the panes pressed against the spacer. The units are then sealed on the edge side using either polysulfide or silicone sealant or similar material to prevent humid outside air from entering the unit. The desiccant will remove traces of humidity from the air space so that no water appears on the inside faces (no condensation) of the glass panes facing the air space during cold weather.

We offer double and triple insulated glass for which you can choose the glass: float ,decorative glass, laminated, tempered ,UV-proof glass, bulletproof etc. You can also order special shaped insulated glass( round, triangle etc.)

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