Matted glass

Matted glass is used when you wish to let the light through glass but at the same time reduce transparency. Matted glass diffuses light and depending on the treatment it can be partially or fully opaque. That is the main reason why matted glass is used for providing privacy.

Areas of use are wide, suitable almost everywhere. The most popular is using matted glass as partition walls and when building a shower corner. Silk mat glass is more suitable to be used on windows and doors. Glass which is atleast 8mm thick and tempered can be used as shelves, table top glasses, partition walls and doors.

Matted glass is just as workable as clear glass, it can be cut, sanded, drilled, tempered and laminated etc.

Available thicknesses of matted glass:
3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm ja 10mm.

Availability of silk mat glass in various colours:
4mm – blue, grey, bronze,  green;
8mm – blue, grey, bronze, green;
4mm – patterned (Pave, Linea, Kross, Punto, Cannes, Patic);
4mm and 8mm – optiwhite glass (the natural green colour of glass has been brought down to minimum).

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