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We offer high quality Willach Vitris glass sliding door systems. Willach Vitris is a German glass fittings manufacturer with 125 years of experience.

Manufacturer’s homepage: Willach Group

Sliding system  SUPRA

Lükandsüsteem Supra

Supra is a universally usable fittings system for glass thicknesses of 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm. The high quality flocking of the top twin-guides, the superior roller technology, the secure combination of glass and metal through transparent plastic bedding profiles as well as the invisibly integrated damping and anti-theft devices provide for the perfect, long-lasting, easy and quiet functioning of the glass sliding doors.

Endurance tests undertaken by Willach demonstrate the superiority of this roller technology in comparison to conventional rollers: Even after 40,000 sliding sash movements there was no recognisable or noticeable wear.

We have the Supra system on display at our showroom on Kadaka tee 4.

Also check the Supra system brochure for more details by clicking here.

 Sliding system ROBUSTUS

Lükandsüsteem Robustus

Robustus is a fittings system for glass thicknesses of 8 – 12 mm. It can be used in a range between 70 kg (2 rollers) and 140 kg (4 rollers) and is therefore also suitable for security glass.

Also check the Robustus system brochure for more details by clicking here.



For information on Supra or Robustus you can contact us on 6 48 58 68 or Ask for a quote.

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