Edging of glass and mirrors

All the mirrors or glass can be ordered with  edgework done. We also proovide edgework for your own glass or mirrors.

Edgework provides lots of different finish opportunities for glass design as the edges don’t have to be straight but can be curved as well.

We offer the following types of edgework:

Hand sanding
Only the sharp edgees of glass are sanded. Hand sanding is very important if the glass is to be tempered.

Flat polish
The edges of mirrors/glass are being sanded and polished. It is also possible to leave the edge unpolished (recommended to do so if you are planning to use LED lights with the glass).

The edges are being sanded and polished up to 60 degree angle.

The edges of glass are being beveled. It is possible to make the bevel up to 50 mm wide.

Bull nose
The edges of the glass are rounded. Possible to do so even with round glass or mirrors.

For information you can contact us on 6 48 58 68 or Ask for a quote.

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