We offer gluing service for any glass or mirror type.

By means of gluing we can make glass cabinets, glass cubes ,glass display stands, aquariums etc.

Also we can attach different fittings ( handles knobs, hinges etc) to many materials( wood, metal, glass) and surfaces by gluing,

The production of glass furniture or aquariums is done precisely by the customers measures and wishes.

If possible, the gluing is done using UV hardening glue which can successfully replace the need for fittings and leaves the joint clear and shiny.

One important thing to know about UV gluing is that the hardening process requires UV light and therefore it is not best suited for darker of color coated glass.


UV-liimi kivistumise kiirendamiseks kasutame spetsiaalset lampi. Kivistunud UV-liim on täiesti kirgas ja väga tugev, millest tulenevalt ei ole UV-liimitud detaile võimalik purunemata lahti võtta.

Kui UV-liimi kasutamine ei ole mingil põhjusel võimalik, kasutame alternatiivseid liimimismeetodeid nagu näiteks akvaariumisilikoon, MS-polümeerliim, kahepoolne teip vms.

For information you can contact us on 6 48 58 68 or Ask for a quote.
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