Satinating and coloring

Satinating and coloring are two possibilities of making a glass opaque or creating a pattern onto it. Satinated and colored glass are used to make the glass opaque while retaining the light coming through.

Satinating of glass is usually done by sandblasting or by chemical corrosion .

Sandblasted glass surface is evenly mat. The surface is slightly rough and therefore it can become dirty more easily and is a bit harder to clean. That is why sandblasted glass is usually coated with substances that improve cleaning the glass. Using templates we can satinate any kind of patterns or shapes onto glass. Sandblasting is also suitable on mirrors.

Chemical corrosion satinating produces glass which has a better quality and smoother surface than the surface of sandblasted glass. Chemical corrosion procedure uses a special acid, which makes the surface mat and smooth. Thanks to the smoothness the glass is more easily cleanable and wont become dirty that easily.

Color coating is done by using special paint, derives into hot coating and cold coating of glass. Color coated glass is opaque. Depending on the customers wishes, it is also available to only partially coat the glass. Color coated glass can withstand humidity and heat which makes it suitable te be used for example in saunas.

Hot color coated glass is produced incorporating tempering of the glass. Hot color coated glass is suitable for outdoor use but available color range is not very wide.

Cold color coated glass has a remarkable variety of colors available but is not recommended to be used outdoor.

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