Tempered glass is regular float glass that has been heated up in a special tempering furnace to a certain temperature and then rapidly cooled. Due to that process, the properties and structure of glass are changed. Tempered glass is up to 5 times stronger that untempered glass of same thickness. Also it can tolerate heat( up to 275 °C) which means that it can be used in high temperature areas like saunas, ovens, furnaces etc.

Tempered glass is also called safety glass because tempering causes the structure to change in a way that incase the glass was to brake under excessive strain, the shattered glass pieces will be small and round therefore significantly decreasing the risk of cutting.

The strength of tempered glass depends on the thickness of it as well as on other work done on it- drilling, sanding. Tempered glass is not stronger than untempered glass on the edges of it and the corners of tempered glass are exremely fragile!

Tempered glass is used in areas that require safety glass. It is also widely used in facades, windows, doors, furniture, partition walls, shower corners and balustrades.

All sanding and drilling  must be done before tempering as it is not possible to drill or sand after the glass has been tempered.


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