The uses of mirrors have expanded over time. They are not just a commodity but more and more used for decorative purposes like directing light and making a room look bigger.

The mirrors we offer are modern and environmentally friendly which were produced without the use of lead. A layer of silver or aluminium is layed on a sheet of glass and then several layers of paint are applied to protect the reflective layer.

In addition to clear glass there are mirrors made of colored glass which enables to produce mirrors with different tones.

For safety reasons we recommend ordering mirrors with safety film on the backside, which in case of breaking holds the chipped glass together. This decreases the chances of injury and makes the clean-up quicker.

Mirrors can be cut, sanded, polished, drilled, laminated, engraved but not tempered. We have a selection of lucid mirrors, antique mirrors, mirrors with different colors and one-way mirrors.

Also we can supply you with a new car rearview mirror or select a readymade mirror.

For information you can contact us on 6 48 58 68 or Ask for a quote.

Lucid and grey mirror; water jet cut

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